Hotelli Käenpesä is located in Ylivieska. Its first part was constructed in 1979, consisting of 39 rooms, restaurant, and sauna facilities. In 1984, the hotel expanded with an additional 41 rooms and a training space. Later on, some rooms were transformed into Pub Kukkuu-Bar and private meeting spaces.

Currently, the hotel has 73 rooms with a total of 150 beds. The venue, pub, private rooms, and sauna facilities together provide almost 400 seating places. The property has a total floor space of 2,922 square meters.

Hotel operations at Käenpesä began in 1979 under the management of Ylivieska Osuuskauppa. In 1984, SOK’s subsidiary Sokotel took over. The company owned by Hans and Maija Kauppila took over operations on September 1, 1990. On September 1, 2007, the business was transferred to Antti Rantala and Esa Valli, and on January 1, 2018, solely to Esa Valli, who also owns Hotel Rantakalla in Kalajoki, Hotel Pohjankievari in Kempele, and Hotel Kajaani in collaboration with business partner Raija Eskola-Valli.