Relaxing Sauna

At Hotel Käenpesä, you can enjoy a relaxing sauna evening. In the cozy 10-person private sauna, you can indulge in pleasant steam and, at intervals, take a moment to cool off on the private outdoor terrace area. You can continue the evening in the atmospheric sauna cabinet.

Sauna facilities

In the 15-person fireplace sauna, you can enjoy a pleasant evening with a larger group.

The fireplace sauna is complimentary for hotel guests

Mon–Fri 17–21, Sat 18–21

Note that during peak weekends (holiday season), our saunas may be reserved. For sauna availability during those times, hotel guests can inquire at the reception.

The fireplace sauna provides our guests with gentle steam both during the day and evening, even on short notice!

Both sauna sections are part of our licensed serving area.

You can order food and drinks from our restaurant to the sauna sections.

After an immersive sauna experience, it’s nice to continue the evening at Restaurant PikkuVELI or Kukkuu Bar, perhaps singing karaoke.

For more information, inquire at the reception!

Sauna price list

Max. 10 people / 2h: €120

Over 10 people / 2h: €150

Larger groups by agreement

Sauna prices include sauna usage, towels, and sauna wraps. You can order drinks and food to the sauna sections from Restaurant PikkuVELI.

For more information about our saunas and reservations:

Hotel Käenpesä Reception, phone: 08-423 611 or email: